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GoPro Hero 9 release date, rumors, price and specs

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

For years, GoPro has been the leading maker of action cameras, and for good reason: Each year, usually in the fall, it debuts a device with features that its competitors try to copy. While nothing official has been announced, there have been a few rumors about this year's version, the GoPro Hero9, potentially highlighted by a front-facing color display. 

Here's what we've heard about the GoPro Hero9, and what we think we'll see with GoPro's next action camera.

GoPro Hero9: Price

There's no rumors yet on how much the GoPro Hero9 will cost, but we would expect it to be in line with the GoPro Hero8 Black, which sold for $399 at launch. You can now find the Hero8 Black for as much as $100 off its original price.

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

GoPro Hero9: Display

Based on leaked images from the German site WinFuture (which has a good track record on all sorts of rumors), the GoPro Hero9 has a color display on both the front and back of the camera. 

While a color touchscreen on the rear of an action camera is nothing new, the front-facing display—something pioneered on the DJI Osmo Action—would represent a rare instance where GoPro is aping a feature first seen on a rival device.

Although previous GoPros have had front-facing displays, they have all been monochrome up until now, and have only shown things such as recording time and camera modes. 

As with the Osmo Action, a color display on the Hero9 would make it easier for vloggers and selfie fanatics to frame themselves in a shot. 

It also looks like there's a small LED above the front display of the Hero9, which would let you know if the camera is recording but turn off the screen, so as to conserve battery life.

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

GoPro Hero9: Design

Based on the photos from WinFuture, the GoPro Hero9 looks to have the same design as the GoPro Hero8. The Hero8 introduced a new look to the company's action cameras, with small "fingers" at the bottom that fold out to attach the camera to various accessories. 

The Hero8 was also slimmer than previous GoPro cameras, but the cover protecting the lens was no longer removable, which means you can't simply replace the glass if it gets scratched, nor can you swap it out for a filter. 

In the leaked images of the Hero9, there appears to be a ring around the lens cover, so hopefully you can once again remove it should the need arise.

We're also reasonably confident that, owing to the similar design, the Hero9 will work with GoPro's "Mods," accessories that were introduced with the Hero8. These add-ons include a fold-up display, external microphones, and a light.

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

That's all the news we know so far about the GoPro Hero9; stay tuned for updates as we learn more about the new camera.

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